Boomerang Technique

3 Steps to Perfect Throws

Throwing a boomerang is similar to throwing a baseball or football. It's truly all in the release.

Step 1: Prepare for Launch

Start by holding the boomerang in your right hand (if you're a righty) with the painted side facing towards you. To grip it properly, make a strong fist and then slide your thumb on top of the fingers, not across them. Using this hand position, grip the boomerang firmly between the thumb and the fingers. The grip must be FIRM, or else you won't get the appropriate spin on release.

Step 2: Feel the Wind

Even a slight breeze can greatly affect your Boomerang's flight. First, turn and face the wind until you feel it equally across your face and ears. Then turn slowly to your right until you only hear the wind in your left ear. The direction you are facing is the direction you want to throw.

Step 3: Throw...and Release

With your left foot forward and your left arm out for balance, wind up and throw, using whatever feet shuffle you need for maximum momentum and balance. The release is the key: make sure the boomerang is released perfectly perpendicular to the ground. Any angle will cause the boomerang to stray from the perfect return path. Don't release too high or too low -- about a 45 degree angle is a good starting point. Adjust as needed.

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