Boomerang Info

Are boomerangs hard to catch?

Catching is the easy part! Our boomerangs are designed to hover once they come back to you. They glide down slowly so you can time your catch.

Are your Boomerangs for sale?

Absolutely! Each boomerang is custom made to order. They come in 3 sizes that correspond with price and distance they travel. To find out more, just email us and we'll get back to you promptly!

How long do custom orders take?

We usually ship our boomerangs within 2 business days, depending on the size of the order.

What if my boomerang breaks?

Superglue works WONDERS on a broken boomerang. Just glue the pieces together and let it set overnight. Sand down any rough edges to maintain clean flight. Optionally, ship your boomerang back to us and we'll repair it for you, in most cases free of charge!

What are boomerangs made of?

Boomerangs can be created from a variety of materials, from simple plywood all the way up to carbon fiber! We use only premium high quality wood as a basis for all of our boomerangs.

The Rules for Rangin'

  1. Always give yourself plenty of space away from cars, trees, and other people. It will probably go farther than you think it will!

  2. Keep a stiff grip - it's key to providing the necessary spin on release.

  3. Don't just throw it, throw with passion! The more internal energy you put into the throw, the stronger the return.

  4. Always bring a bottled drink with you - it's an essential tool if the boomerang gets caught in a tree.

  5. Never leave a boomerang behind.

  6. Always throw again after a particularly good throw -- think about what you did and repeat it!

  7. Respect others on the field.

  8. Know when to stop. One throw too many, and your arm could be sore for weeks!

  9. Don't reach when catching - wait for the boomerang to come to you.

  10. HAVE FUN!

Contact Us!

We're here to answer any and all questions. Just email us at and we'll get back to you.